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+7 (495) 41-14-911

Welcome to the Territory of CiBest!

Consult Idea Best (CiBest) is an innovative company that successfully improves the business efficiency for its customers.

First and foremost CIBest is a consulting company. Having highly qualified specialists with impressive practical experience in various business areas in our staff, we offer consulting in solving issues of various complexity and competence level from tax optimization to answering the questions “Who is in fault?” and “What to do now?”.

The other important area of our activities is short-term business education. It provides opportunities for continuous professional development of employees and enables them to improve their competence which is critical for maintaining their own competitive ability and enhancing the company’s competitive edge. We mainly focus on corporate programmes as they have proved to be the most effective means for professional growth and in doing so we make extensive use of the most advanced technologies and teaching techniques offering webinars, e-learning modules and multimedia business courses.

Not only do we find the exact answers and suggest the right ways out, we help companies create their own efficient mechanism of protection and growth. Our working scheme is experimentally developed and we are proud of its convenience and cost-effectiveness for all of our customers. Depending on the customers’ needs we easily reach the assigned targets in any interaction mode, - one time interaction, project-based work or continuous support.
We guarantee that if you come to us you will receive the optimal solutions to your issues and it will be done as promptly as possible, efficiently and cost-effectively. 
Please, call us at +7(495) 41-14-911, write us at info@cibest.ru or use our electronic manager and see for yourself that even really complex tasks have at least one simple right solution!